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The last week of April has been set aside to commemorate the World Immunization Week in order to promote awareness on the use of vaccines which prevent a lot of diseases in several age groups.

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Immunization is a process by which a substance called a vaccine is injected into the human body (or taken orally) in order to build the person’s immunity.

When the vaccine gets to the bloodstream, the immune cells are stimulated and programmed to fight the disease if it occurs. It is useless when some vaccines are taken after the disease has occurred.

Immunization mainly protects against the infectious organism, not non-infectious diseases like hypertension or diabetes.

Some diseases that are vaccine-preventable include Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B infection, Whooping cough, Meningitis, Measles, Diarrhea, Tetanus and Cervical cancer.

Most vaccines are taken during childhood while some and taken later in life e.g. HPV vaccine.

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The HPV vaccine protects against cervical cancer.

It is important to talk to your doctor who will tell you which vaccines are suitable for you depending on your age and immunization history.

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